Andra Willis Photography: Blog en-us (C) Andra Willis Photography (Andra Willis Photography) Fri, 11 Sep 2020 06:19:00 GMT Fri, 11 Sep 2020 06:19:00 GMT Andra Willis Photography: Blog 89 120 Raleigh United Arts Council Arts Integration Institute I was so grateful to have the opportunity once again to photograph the Raleigh United Arts Council Arts Integration Institute.  This truly is my favorite photography job, because I learn so much every time I attend--even as a photographer!   Additionally, the United Arts Council attracts some really unique and wonderful people, and it is always a delight to rub shoulders with them.  Interestingly, it was this very workshop that ignited my interest in photography over ten years ago. I attended the Arts Integration Institute many years ago as a parent volunteer with a team of teachers, and the theme that year was photo documenting.  I spent the week learning from a professional photographer, and I fell in love with photography.  Photo documenting truly is my favorite type of photography, though senior portraits are now taking a close second.  

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Beach Photos I happened to be at the beach the same time as this beautiful family and we were able to capture some photos of this serene setting.  I love taking outdoor portraits of of families.   


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Another Sweet Baby This sweet baby was just a little fidgety for the entire time we tried to photograph him to get that perfectly posed picture.  Regardless, we did get some cute pictures of him and his beautiful mother and brother together!  We'll have to try again for that perfectly content picture!


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Spectacular Fall! It was so cold for these pictures, and the children managed to be so sweet and photogenic for these pictures nonetheless!  


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Baby L Beautiful mother beautiful baby!  I sure enjoyed my time with this beautiful couple!

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Beautiful Mother  

I caught this beautiful mother and daughter at a church pig pickin', and she allowed me to include her picture on my blog.



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Art Residency Event Photography This week our school hosted a BATIK art residency taught by professional artist, Leni Newell.

This residency was funded in part by a grant from the United Arts Council.  Thank you so much!  
Our school's fifth grade students were much enriched through your efforts!


Batik is a fabric dye art that originated in Indonesia and is used throughout the world today. 
Students first create a drawing, which they then transfer to cloth.  Next they paint the lines with hot beeswax.


Students use fabric dye to paint their cloth artwork.


The artwork is then covered with wax, wadded up to create crinkles, and dipped in a bucket of dye.


The dye seeps into the wax crinkles and creates interesting lines in the artwork.


This process required many parent volunteers.  Fabulous PTA parents stepped up enthusiastically!



The fabric then dries, and the final step is to iron the wax out of the fabric, leaving the beautiful batik artwork.  This project is an arts integrated project, in which the children learn more about their world and also make connections to science through ecosystems.






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Personality So much personality!  I love a kid who's willing to play! WILLIS FAMILY

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Sunday Morning Sunday morning on the way to church was a great time to capture this young man's personality.  The included funny face was one of many impressive funny faces!  What a great way to start my day!

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New Equipment Rocks! I'm so excited to now have a flash tripod and umbrella!   And of course I found a willing and naturally beautiful model to test them on in difficult lighting situations--full sun and in the dark of my house!  

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Dimension Data Service Project Kudos to Dimension Data for their service in brightening up our school playground!  As often is the case in the school, I served as the photographer.   These workers had cheery and giving attitudes despite the intense heat.  I love documenting projects like this!  Here are a few of my favorite moments.

Workers built several of these picnic tables for the playground. WILLIS FAMILY Garden Boxes! WILLIS FAMILY Benches for outdoor classroom! WILLIS FAMILY I'm sure the workers were tired after a long day of drilling, hammering, and painting, but students showed gratitude through many thank you signs like this one.

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Cupcake Activity I got a new camera!  Straight out of the box, I decided to use it for a church activity.  The girls were making cupcakes to give away as a service project.  Unfortunately, my brand new and not-so-charged battery died just before a little frosting face painting occurred.  But nonetheless, the girls had a great time creating their frosting masterpieces and sharing them.  


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Baby Shower I had a fantastic time today photographing a baby shower.  The food was seriously magnificent.  I'm not sure I've ever seen such a spread.  This is just a small "taste" of what was there.  Some people truly have a gift for entertaining.  A special request was for me to photograph the food table . . .  Congratulations to the darling mother to be! Buhler Buhler Buhler Buhler  `

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On My Way . . . I am so excited to begin using this new website, which will make scheduling, sharing, and ordering so much easier!   I am a children, senior, and family outdoor portrait photographer in Raleigh, NC.  I'm looking forward to meeting new friends here in the City of Oaks!



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